Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order prints?

All prints on my website are available for order in the following shop categories:


Are your photos available for licensing?

Yes, if you are interested in licensing one or more photos for publication or print please contact me.

Can I share your work?

If you need to use an image for editorial/advertising on the web or through print, it will need to be licensed by contacting me.

Where did you study photography?

I am 100% self taught. I have read books and simply practiced new techniques that constantly push me outside of my comfort zone. I bought my first DSLR in 2007 and immediately took it out of Automatic Mode. I am still learning every day but without living in M, A or S Mode I would have never gained the knowledge that I have today.

Do you need an assistant or intern?

As of today I am not looking for one. Someday soon.

Where can I view your work in person?

I have many pieces in private collections around the US and UK, some of which can be visited by appointment by contacting me. For the most up to date shows and exhibits please visit my Events page for those that wish to see my latest work in person.